Posted by: octogirl7 | October 13, 2012

15 maybe 16…all the eels made me lose count!

Possibly because I noted last week the dearth of eels, today was a banner eel day!

Immediately, I swam out to the channel.  Both regulars were not to be seen, so I moseyed over to the main part of the reef break.  And saw that darned peppered moray!  (I’m downloading the video of that eel meanly attacking the octopus (also a regular) in its hole.)  But do not fear!  The octopus survived the attack.

I found myself wondering if the octopus puts stones near its hole in order to protect itself from just such attacks.  Again, they aren’t talking!

It is difficult for me to film the eels….I always have half an eye on the camera and half an eye on the eel, to make sure it’s not going to come toward me! I would really hate that.  I have never been bitten and don’t want that experience!  I do feel at least partially responsible for the eel swimming away….perhaps it was a bit put off by my huge size! (Who knew I would ever be thankful for my size 18?!!)

I then swam around to the right because the Speedo Torpedo was in the water.  Glad I did!  I saw what I at first thought was an octopus: it was a little bump above the rocks and it was brown.  But then it opened its mouth and turned out to be an eel.  And below and toward shore, there was a small octopus, just waiting for the eel to disappear.  I swam on.

There were a few early morning small turtles…it could have been 3 or one three times.  They were all approximately the same size.  And, as with the octopus, can’t tag ’em, so I don’t know if it was the same one. And they were all eating breakfast and never together at the same time, so…..

Throughout, I could hear shrimp popping.  Got either a shrimp or crab on video (orange; couldn’t really see much except the claws since it was in a hole..if I remember, I’ll upload to octopigirl7 on youtube and you can vote!)

I did catch  a pretty nice snap of a cone shell.  It showed just the side covered with ocean goo at first, but around the other side, one can see the design of the cone.  It was also sitting up, so the animal could I guess snag anything swimming by with its barb!  I think it was a Hebrew cone…again, you may vote if you have an opinion.
 You may also weigh in if you know how to turn OFF the stupid italics!  Got ’em on, can’t get ’em off!
So just pretend this is all very important and really needs the italics…ha
There was a mess up in the count….after i use the little numbered plastic sheet, I gotta remember to immediately turn to the next number.  Sometimes I’m so excited, I cannot remember if I did it or not.  There’s evidence that once you rely on something other than your mind to remember stuff, you really allow yourself to forget!
I am amazed at how the octopus can be sitting in their dens and just ignore the fish that attempt to pester them.  And the fish are often completely oblivious to what is just beyond them.
Anyway, the real reason that I lost count is that I forgot to put the number on one octopus video, which made all the rest slide back a number! Gotta get a better system or a better brain.  I suppose I could hire someone to go with me, their sole job being to count the octopus as I see them. What a boring gig, eh?
One octopus blew water at me.  I was getting great video and just hanging out, but apparently, too closely!  The octopus blew water out of its siphon in an attempt to scare me off.  It they were the big pacific octopus, I might be a bit more afraid, but as these Hawaiian octopus are nothin’ but sweet, I wasn’t afraid.  However, I did cave into its desires and swim along.
As I was downloading and looking at today’s videos, I was playing Big Daddy Weave music in the background.  As I gazed at one of the octopus that let me just look, the group was singing Magnificent God!  And He is! 
I saw the peppered moray again later, hassling and swimming away from a small octopus.  The nerve! That eel should get a life…. Well, one that doesn’t involve being mean to octopus.  I mean, I understand being a prey item, but seriously.  There are bigger fish in the sea.  haha
Today was low tide and kinda nice water, mostly clear.  We’ll see how the water is tomorrow. 

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