Posted by: octogirl7 | September 3, 2012

Swim sneaky

Day 4 in a row snorkel and well worth it.  Thanks to the Labor day holiday, was able to get wet again today.  10 octopus!  5 before 7 a.m.  a great blessing!

If it were you, would you want to see an octopus in the wild?  Sometimes I think I’m a weirdo for snooping them out.  I think they are fascinating, but i’m aware that others may not feel the same way.  They are fabulous creatures, changing colors instantly depending on their mood. But I still remember the lady who, when I popped up to tell her there was an octopus and did she want to see it, screamed!  Yes actually was apparently scared and swam away.  Gee, what could she possibly want to see?  I’m aware that some folks think the ocean is our friend and that nothing will hurt them…so wrong.

Got some nice video of the Hanauma Bay sunrise.  Short but sweet.  Also some of the beach at the Bay before the tons and tons of tourists showed up. (My preferred type of beach.)  Would that I could swim on Tuesday!  But only the president gets to do that…it’s normally closed all day on Tuesdays.  But I’ll bet the water is sweet then: no one in there bothering things and stirring stuff up.

So back to my point: swim sneaky!  To see octopus, you gotta swim silently as possible and creep up to the dens.  It’s best to try to determine where they are BEFORE you get to the rock.  If you look ahead, granted a difficult enterprise sometimes, you might be able to spot rocks piled on top of a coral outcropping.  This COULD be an octo-den, but you cannot know for sure until you peek over the edge.  I narrowly missed a cute octopus today: i figured it would be in the hole, but it stayed out of view.  Then popped back up, saw me and popped back down.  Missed that shot!  It is so cute, though, when they look up and see you.  So interactive.  I’m just sorry there are some folks out there that swim right over top without even knowing they are there, let alone appreciating them.  It’s best to swim away from the crowd…that way you can have at least a whisper of a chance to see them.  It was high tide today, so I was able to get to more spots and therefore see 10.  I also saw that darned peppered moray. This time it was in a hole and just opening its mouth to scare people and fish.

High tide can make getting to my favorite spots easier, but the odds are that the water will be more messed up too; more junks in the water.  Today before I even got in, found a kid’s fin on the beach.  Then in washed a little beach toy for kids, with a little mirror.  Who knows how you use it?

I am unsure how to find out if what I saw (pale lavender possible eggs) are in fact nudibranch eggs.  I don’t know if any of my books will have pix of that. I think that’s now 3 things I am to look up…better get off the dime and get it done!

There were several “nurseries” today too.  It is still difficult for me and my little camera to do justice to the little fish: manini smaller than my thumbnail.  Little raccoon butterfly fish.  Little sergeant major fish, guarding what appeared to be empty holes.  Were there octopus in there?  Did they see me first and hide?  Cannot understand why they would want to hide from me, their biggest fan!

Sounds crazy for sure, but I know that God protects me in the water…and actually, I think He shows me where to go to find my heart’s desire.  Does that sound crazy to you?



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