Posted by: octogirl7 | July 22, 2012

Cannot believe I forgot! or GT and FOO

Well, I cannot believe how many things I forgot to mention about my Saturday swim!

First of all, a huge Giant Trevally swam by me during my time in the water!. You really want to get out of the way when one of these fish come by.  All the littler fish start “running” – going nine to nothing to get out of their way.  I flipped around to see what it was they were afraid of (and hoping it wasn’t a shark) when I saw this huge Giant Trevally came toward me. (And I thought of it today, because possibly the same one came by me again.)  He veered away in search of prey.

I say HUGE.  I know these guys get much larger than the one I saw, but this one was big enough to get my attention.  Thankfully, he didn’t care a whit about me.

The other thing I neglected to mention was that one of the octopus I saw swam fully out (FOO fully out octopus) as he went from a rock near me to another rock further along.  I love seeing the Hawaiian octopus swim fully out.  First of all, because it lets me see the whole octo-body.  Secondly, they do this really cool curling thing with their legs as they swim.  I think it’s so the ends of their legs or arms or whatever you want to call them are not easy to picture snacking on.  When they are curled up, they present a larger item to the possibly carnivorous onlooker.  (And don’t get me wrong: I am a carnivore!  As a matter of fact, i am right now eating the 2nd half of the steak I couldn’t eat for dinner last night.  But I would NEVER eat an octopus!  Even if I were starving, I know there are plants and fish around that I could stomach eating.) But maybe that’s just me.

I also forgot to report that I saw some octopus ink, but never located the scared octopus.

And the last thing I forgot to report from yesterday was the odd “arm” i saw.  At first I thought it was a tentacle wrapped around the bottom of a rock, just resting on the sand, but curled around the rock.

At first, I thought octopus, but the look wasn’t quite right.  Picture the octopus tentacles and then put points on them.  The thing was the right color (pale brown and white), but totally wrong in terms of shape.  And usually, there’s an octopus attached. I shall have to snoop through my sea life books to see if I can determine what it was.  Probably some kind of slender sea cucumber.  Or something!

So, on to today.

Five octopus!  Stellar, considering that I was only able to be in the water for about an hour and a half.  Singing at church is a higher priority.  Those who know me well will admittedly be surprised by that statement, as anyone who talks to me knows octopus are a top priority.  But I do also love to sing, especially to HIM.

First octopus was on the right, out near the surf break.  I’m starting to call this one a regular, since I have located it several times now. And, as ever, it was about half showing above the rock.  And it doesn’t really move much.  It knows when I appear, because it kinda hunkers down a bit at first, but when I back off, it comes out again and just sits there, waiting for me to leave.  Which i did.

A few more octopus on the right, then I decided, against all logic, to snoop around the middle, near Sandman’s patch.  Two more octopus!  And I’m going to call them “regulars” too.  Because I have been able to spot them again and again.

The one more out in the channel is smaller and therefore, younger.  She sits up above her den and just draws down a little bit when I arrive.  As always, I see her and back off, so she doesn’t feel threatened by me.

Then, even though a group of visitors had just splashed through this area, I threw caution to the winds and searched for the big adult in the same general area.  And saw just the one eye and part of her head.  Because she had placed a maroon colored rock across the entry to her den.  This is so smart of them!  They can not only move the rocks in a circle around the entry to their dens, but also block the hole from encroachment by others.  This time the octopus was in there; sometimes they put rocks in there, I think, when they are going hunting to “reserve” their spot.  That’s my thinking anyway.

A couple of big and small bluefin trevally came by also. All the fish pay attention when the big bluefins swim by; the little bluefins less so.  Again, I was struck by the eyes and lack of emotion.  They are simply a big pretty hunting machine and not at all interested in interacting with an octosnooping girl.  And truth to tell, I’m not really very interested in them, except for their pretty blue color.

A big barracuda slinked by me today.  Probably about a foot and a half long, it just kinda sulked as it slowly finned by. They do get my attention, but I’m much more concerned when they are in a group than single.  I haven’t seen a group since the Bahamas years ago and can tell you, that was impressive.  You get the feeling you could be in a world of hurt if they wanted to bite your body!

I hated to get out, especially since the water was still quite clear and almost flat.  But church called.



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