Posted by: octogirl7 | June 30, 2012

Excitement at Hanauma Bay!

Today, as I was getting dressed to leave the Bay, I heard a thump.  Turns out that there was a small explosion: concrete tops to a hole blew partially off. The park ranger was on the scene and had already called HFD.  They were on their way (and they were eventually coming down the road when I was driving up to leave.) I was able to catch the last tram up before they closed them off.  I’ll let you know when I find out what transpired.

6 octopus today.  Wonderful water, but low tide. I’m surprised I was able to get to as many spots as I did.  Normally I cannot get everywhere when it’s low tide because I try really hard to not drag across the coral.

Three eels.  One I nearly put my hand on.  I saw trevally circling, so I swam slowly over.  I was just about to put my gloved hand down to slow my progress in the current, when a little  eel scooted down the rock.  I don’t know if he was going for the octopus, but I probably deterred him.  When in a contest, size-wise, against a small eel, I win!

I watched the two eyes of the octopus for a few minutes.  My camera was, sadly, already low battery. I had tucked it out of the way in my wet suit, so i didn’t bother getting it out again.  But i noted again something that I had noted before: when you first see the octopus and they see you, they will slide back down into their dens, just leaving their eyes above ground, so they can watch you.  If you are slow and steady enough, you can slide by them, swim a little bit away and watch: they will usually slide back up a bit in their holes, to watch what you are doing.  It’s so cute!  They are curious, which of course is what helps those who are uncool enough to hunt and kill tako the opportunity to do so. Sad. One of my missions is to get people to stop eating those adorable creatures.  Hard row to hoe in Hawaii!

I noted again that I have been finding octopus dens by seeing gray sand just outside.  Normally, I look for rocks around a hole in the ocean floor (The water is usually less than 5 feet deep where I snorkel), but more and more I’ve been seeing them with this gray sand, as if they have been making their own holes, but blowing sand out from underneath rocky coral.  I am waiting to catch them at it!

Unfortunately, today the camera was already low battery and tucked into the leg of my wetsuit, so I didn’t bother documenting this octopus.  Next time!

I didn’t see any flounder; if you want to see some great photos, go to and check out work by John Lewis.  He’s the bomb!

And a stellar sunrise.  All in all, a great start to the weekend.


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