Posted by: octogirl7 | June 17, 2012

Always remember to take your snorkel with you!

Yes, today I was neglectful and forgot my snorkel in the trunk of my car.  Wouldn’t have been so bad had it been any other day than Sunday!

On Sunday, I have less time to swim, because Praise & Worship rehearsal starts at 8:30.  A.M. that is.  While some of you are still sleeping, I’m up and at ’em at 6 am when the park opens, and usually in the water by 6:19.  So today, I had to slog back up the hill, wasting precious minutes, which made me get in at 6:35 a.m.  Meaning that a little over an hour later, I would be going back up the hill, headed toward church.

Feeling the pressure, after praying for safety and good octo sightings (It does work!), I went to the shallow end of the Bay and was rewarded with an octopus sighting.  I’m calling her a “regular” now, because this is the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen her.  The first time was when the little trevally was circling.  Today, the only fish near her was a tiny sergeant major.  So she was in her den, breathing and only turning a bit of color when I arrived.  The little fish swam back and forth in front of the octopus, but neither animal seemed too upset about it.  At first, I thought perhaps the octopus would try to catch and eat the fish, but that didn’t happen.  I was able to capture some of this on video (see youtube and octopigirl7) And in the video, you also get a chance to see her move a rock out of the den.  A very nice start to the swim.

Low tide does hem me in a bit, because i cannot do the “drag over the reef” thing to get to the parts I really want to see.  Thankfully, I live in Hawaii, so I get to snorkel every weekend, usually twice.  Hawaiian holidays being what they are, every month I get a chance to swim on a Friday or a Monday too, which really makes my weekend! So it doesn’t upset me too much if I don’t get to all my spots every time I get in the water. (Which was lovely and clear, by the way.)

The 2nd octopus was also a regular, but she wasn’t putting on a show.  She just sat there on top of the reef. I took video, always optimistic that something exciting will happen.  I guess the excitement was that she was there at all.

I also saw the huge green headed eel that sits in a hole on the turnaround.  I’m always glad when I see this eel before he sees me. He had his mouth open and looked too ready to follow me, in hopes of breakfast.  I would be a big mouthful, though.  Perhaps that’s what saves me!

After spotting a third octopus and noting that it was 7:30, I headed toward shore, slowly, hoping for another sighting.  Which I MAY have seen…sometimes, if the octopus is inside the den, it’s hard to tell if it’s the leg of an octopus, or just shading of the sand inside the hole.  So I didn’t count that one.

And then the little blob of a sea hare!  I got that on video too…not that it was doing much, just moving slowly along the bottom. Even though I’ve seen a few of them recently, they are always a surprise.  And speaking of surprises, I’ve heard that a baby hammerhead has been seen, inside the reef!  I’m looking forward to seeing that, especially since the first and only time I spotted one, I had no video camera, and therefore no “proof.”  Of course, they split when they see anyone, so I am not hoping too hard to be able to turn on the camera, get to the video part (4th touch of the button) and take a video before the thing escapes.

I did discover today that in the desire to retrieve two quarters which some swimmer had lost, I unfortunately scared a brittle star underneath the rock. Bad, Bad, Octopigirl!


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